Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank you to all of our Veterans who served our country so well-especially you, in peace.


Teri said...

I second that! Especially you Dad!

Summer said...

great tribute.

Lisa said...

Teri and Summer,

I just didn't want to let Veteran's Day go by without commenting on it! Thanks for posting.


abu_shakuush said...

that was nice of you to write about Veteran's Day. nice blog.

Lisa said...


Thank you! I enjoyed yours as well!

Take good care,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, i thought you would read this reply on your blog instead of mine. Your blog is not boring at all, i love reading what you write, it is so real and so good..i said it before, i quit reading books because of blogs like never say it is is great. thanks for your visit and your nice words about the family photos. :)